Defensive Designs
Influencing Behavior
Silently but surely
Uncomfortable and
being hostile
Sprinklers outside
The death of
Malls, Hostile
People go to Japan
to die. Apartments
smaller than your SUVs
Driver controlled doors
locking you in, weighing
scales, and you on top
filled with corn, wearing
corn. Where’s the handmade?
Follow the moon

Helping to unhelp
Unboxing the boxer
Unknowingly undermine
compensatory behavior
No room for improvement
The roof means a drop
Overeating, churning the
factory gears, working out
to eat out, unload the
wallet, pay for the bullet
Launch a campaign, sell
culture, export lifestyles,
Don’t hit the snooze button,
kick the clock,
follow the moon.
I didn’t write these poems
I’m only writing this one.
The rest were by different
people at different times,
All bundled together under the
same name is making you
think that it was written by
whoever you think I may be,
but they weren’t.
So take them with a grain of salt,
preferebly sea salt, I like the
taste of that much more.