2018  XT><LX, Bellas Artes Projects Outpost, Manila, PH
2018  Bearing Points, Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka, BD
2016  Raster: Emerging From the Grid, Experimenter, Kolkata, IN
2016  You Cannot Cross the Sea Merely by Staring at the Waves, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, AT
2015  It Hung Over Us Like An Anvil, Longitude Latitude, Dhaka, BD


2018  Artist-in-Residence, Bellas Artes Projects, Bataan, PH
2017  Artist-in-Residence, Bellas Artes Projects, Bataan, PH
2017  Space for Encounters - Meetings, Happenings and Inputs in Art Mediation, Kochi-Muziris Biennale, India

Other roles

2018  Mother Water Magazine, Sylhet, BD
2012  Pineapple and Milk, Online Magazine, New York, USA

2016  Transitions, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, New York, USA


2015  Chobi Mela International Festival of Photoraphy, Dhaka, BD

2014  Eyes On Bangladesh, Astoria, New York, USA

2016  Safina Radio Project at the Dhaka Art Summit | Alserkal Avenue, Dhaka, BD
2014  National Geographic Magazine, USA
2013  Where I’m From, Radio Show, New York, USA

Photo Editor
2014  CBS News, New York, USA

2012  Al Jazeera America, Wall Street Journal, Vogue India, ProPublica, National Geographic Proof, TIME, Washington Post, Open City Magazine, Rogue Magazine and others.


CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
It’s now known as the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, after the guy who founded Craigslist donated $20 million. I went here to write like Hunter S. Thompson, but I found the rigid writing structure enforced on me too limiting. So I shifted to making more audiovisual stories. I found photography to be an extension of poetry. This was my art school where I learned audio, video, photo, and how to network. Jesse Hardman and Bob Sacha were my heroes.

Herbert H. Lehman College
Majored in Creative Writing, and minored in Political Science and Philosophy.
This is where I met John Paul Infante. Margot Mifflin pointed the way to journalism school. And Salita Bryant helped me find my writing voice.

Stony Brook University
After being let out in the wilderness of Long Island, I was able to breathe and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted for the first time in my life. My first semester GPA was something like 0.85. I made a guest appearance for a year exploring majors including: Psychology, Biology, Business & Computer Scienc. I also did acid for the first time here with Vladimir Demin. I eventually got kicked out of that school.

Lehman High School
I also taught here at one point. My teachers became my colleagues. I like to follow that hero’s journey and complete circles. This school was pretty amazing when Robert Leder was principal. He was forced to retire after some scandal that had nothing to do with him. The school went downhill after. Bloomberg split the school into a thousand pieces with metal detectors at the entrance.

IS 125
My first school after moving to New York from Bangladesh. They asked me if I wanted to be called by any other name than my own, and I said Nick, and my uncle said, like after Santa Claus? And then my father told the administrator to ignore my request. Thanks guys.

Hill City Academy
It was a new school and when I first joined, there was no one else in my class. Only me. The teachers rotated every period.

Syed Hatim Ali School
I don’t remember anything but the big green field where the older kids played cricket.